Nature Photography Challenge, Day 3



I cannot let the opportunity to experience walking though the Sagano Bamboo Grove pass, although I almost gave up in doing so.  It was quite tricky reaching Arashiyama from Sakai, Osaka and I used the local trains where I could use my Kansai Thru Pass.  Getting to the Bamboo Grove was a good deal though because I’ll get to see Tenryu-ji and its gardens, and I’d have the chance to see the Okochi-Sanso Villa.

That was the plan, but in reality, I just ended up in the bamboo grove and then in Tenryu-ji.  (In the guide I tried to follow though,  I was supposed to pass through Tenryu-ji first and then exit into the grove. Agh!)

In any case, even if the bamboo grove was crowded, and the path is just around 5oo m long, and there were a lot of people in Tenryu-ji, I still enjoyed being there.