A Look Back: HP Music Matters 2013 – J Rock Night

I can’t believe it’s been three years!

Yes, on May 23, 2013, flumpool and SID played on Clarke Quay’s Fountain Stage for HP Music Matters’ J Rock Night.  These gigs (actually, more of SID) were my main reason for flying to Singapore on a budget that year.  The little sightseeing I got to do back then was in Chinatown.

I had a full day then because I met with a high school classmate.  After a few hours’ chat,  I rushed to Clarke Quay.  It was pretty cool too how I got to walk with what turned out to be one of the performers that night, a Malaysian band called An Honest Mistake. They were going to the venue too so at least I had company along the way.  Too bad I wasn’t able to see them play though because they were slated to go onstage at around 1 am or so.

Clarke Quay gave me the Eastwood Libis vibe and it would have been nice to go around.  (Barhopping isn’t my thing so I’ll just be content taking pictures though.) But I didn’t have time to explore because SID was just a few minutes away from playing!

When I reached the Fountain Stage area, the place was already almost filled up and the fans were fully geared with their signs and glow sticks.  I was lucky to get a spot on the left side near the stage–at my distance from the stage, I’d still be able to take decent enough pics with my phone, and it’s the side I very much prefer! Haha 😛

So here are some pics of flumpool.  Wasn’t really a fan but I loved their energy on stage!

Flumpool played five songs, and after a few minutes came SID’s turn to rock the stage^^

It was my first time to see them perform live and I couldn’t be more excited to catch them up close.  Mao addressing the crowd in English was pretty endearing, too.  The first three songs they played are their popular anime themes–モノクロのキス、嘘 and VIP–and then they played One Way, with夏恋 as their finale.  Mao asked a fan to sing part of VIP.

These gigs were streamed online for free but I’d never trade the experience of actually being there~