Cherry on a Mountaintop

mesteereanwinds pulled me out of this sort of hiatus and pointed out the weekly photo challenge, so here’s my piece of cherry on top–more specifically, my attempt to hike Mt. Pulag.

Mt. Pulag is the highest peak in Luzon, the largest island group in the Philippines.  It’s very popular with both complete amateurs (like me) and hardcore mountaineers alike, and the breathtaking sunrise and sea of clouds at the summit is really worth making the effort for.

Well, that was my plan but I got sick even before we reached the drop-off point, so I only could make it until the campsite.  I may not have “tasted” the ultimate cherry on top, but the experience itself, bonding with fellow trekkers and the fresh view were enough cherry on top for me.

It’s almost been five years since but I’d definitely want to give reaching Pulag’s summit another try.  Someday.

Cherry On Top


Chasing the Sun

The sun surely rises and sets every day, but no sunrise nor sunset is ever the same, is it?

Here’s a mini-collection of my favorite sun shots taken here and there over the years 🙂