A Look Back: L’Arc-en-Ciel Tour 2008 L7 Trans Asia via Paris

Exactly eight years ago today, I was at Hong Kong Asia World Expo pumped up and awed at seeing L’Arc~en~Ciel perform.  It was a first time for many things for me–first J Rock concert I saw, first time I ever rode a plane, first time I went out of the country.

This is a blog entry I wrote in my now-defunct Multiply account.  Reading this still makes me smile every time 🙂


May 27, ’08 2:36 PM for everyone

 Can I just rave away already about how awesome laruku is and has actually always been? Oh yeah, this is why I made this post in the first place… sort of…

 I feel kinda stupid for attempting to write without properly remembering their repertoire in the proper order; I’m still freaking incoherent that I still can’t write in proper English…

 Lame excuses of disclaimers aside, seeing them on stage was just surreal. The show lasted for a little over two hours, no front act, and their little breaks just took a few short minutes. The only glitch was the feedback on Hyde’s mic once; but the rest was just perfect.

 The garb:  Hyde was just facial hair, turban and dreadlocks short of being jack sparrow.  Tetsu wore hotpink leggings, black frilly skirt and white long-sleeved top with a black vest. Yukki wore gray tracksuit. Ken wore white pants and suit and a printed button down shirt.

The songs: I was happy over-all with the list, but I wish they included songs from older albums [Dune – Heavenly]. They opened up with “Get out from the Shell” followed by “Driver’s High.” A surprise was Eien. Don’t like Revelation that much either, but thankfully they skipped Finale and didn’t pull a Sadako like they did in the 2006 l’anniversary :O

 The goods: fell in love with what the tour shirt, and regretted not having enough money to buy the whole set of stuff, but fought it off anyway to have a shirt.  I hate myself for not bringing enough money. And I’m very sorry for those I promised I’d buy stuff for T_T My heart sank upon learning that the line of fans buying stuff was cut off hours before the opening.  Thankfully, we were given another shot after the show.  I’m glad and quite proud to have heeded the signal of Anata being their signature finale, and hurriedly ran down the stairs to take my place on the queue. 

The fans: I’m very happy for the Chinese-speaking crowd because the band had practically spoken in Chinese throughout the show. The only Japanese words Hyde uttered were “doumo arigatou” and that’s at the end of the show. That said, I’m now part of the Filipino fandom who truly and terribly wishes for them to do a show here in the Philippines *_*

 Here’s the set list:

  1. Get Out from the Shell
  2. Driver’s High
  3. Killing Me
  5. Daybreak’s Bell
  6. winter fall
  7. 永遠
  8. forbidden lover
  10. Caress of Venus
  13. pretty girl
  16. 叙情詩
  17. HONEY
  18. Link
  19. あなた

This gig also happened to be laruku’s first in Hong Kong.  They had spiels in between songs and if I remember correctly, they showed a pic of one of their meals where one of the dishes is a large fish head.

I still wish for them to include the Philippines to their next world tour.  (25th L’Anniversary, please!) ONE OK ROCK already came here; it should be Laruku’s turn next!!!