Himeji Rush

I decided to go west on my first day of last year’s trip to Japan.  I was supposed to visit Himeji Castle, check out Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, and visit Kobe Sannomiya Center before doing a rain check.  I didn’t realize that taking local trains from Sakai to Sanyo-Himeji would take close to 3 hours plus it took the train stations some getting used to, so I only got to visit Himeji.  No worries though because Himeji is worth the travel plus it gives me at least three more reasons to have another go at Kansai.

After taking a few moments to enjoy the view out of Himeji Station, I quickly scouted the area for something to eat.  And I sure was starving!

I had a simple meal of rice and gyoza in a small family-owned store.  The gyoza was stuffed nicely, the rice is filling, and the sauce is unlike anything I’ve tasted before. Like what I said in the picture, after having this meal, no gyoza here back home ever comes close and I couldn’t enjoy it here anymore >_< (and sorry Osaka Ohsho, but your gyoza doesn’t compare to this at all… )

Recharged and refueled, I walked a few more blocks to get to Himeji Castle. Good thing I don’t have to take turns here and there; I just had to walk straight along this road.

The castle complex is finally in sight!

The upside of ending up at Himeji Castle at this time is you see the castle look nice and golden.  Downside?  Admission is already closed 😐 in any case, I was happy with what I saw especially with the cats :3

Despite missing the other stops in my overly ambitious itinerary, I’m glad I didn’t skip this one.  A world heritage site, a beauty, a standout.



Nature Photography Challenge, Day 6

Cats =(^.^)=

I’m very much fond of cats, and they’re one of my favorite subjects when I’m wandering about.

Here are some of my favorite shots. Enjoy!