Gardens by the Bay



I first came across Gardens by the Bay in 2012.  I saw the supertrees and the gardens was set to have its soft opening sometime that year.  I finally got to visit in 2014, and by then, there were plenty of attractions to enjoy for more than half a day.

More than aesthetics though, what I find epic about Gardens by the Bay is how it’s designed for sustainability, as these cool schematics illustrate.  In a nutshell:

  • Biomass is optimized in the gardens.  Green waste is burned to generate electricity for the complex and heat the dehumidifiers running in the cool conservatories.  Part of the green waste is also used as fertilizer for new material for the different gardens.
  • The cool conservatories’ greenhouses are shaped as such to collect rainwater.  It gets filtered, then used for irrigating new seedlings and cuttings.  The rest of the filtered rainwater gets discharged into the Marina reservoir.
  • Flue gases (or gas emissions from burning the green waste) drive ventilation in the supertrees.  Moist air expelled from the trees help maintain the right conditions for surrounding wildlife.
  • Water runoff from the gardens is further treated in the Dragonfly and Kingfisher lakes naturally by the trees, aquatic plants and animals that are in these lakes.

Now that is epic environmental engineering!  And Gardens by the Bay is a sight to behold, too:


Gardens by the Bay is accessible via MRT.  Alight at the Bayfront MRT Station, take Exit B, cross the Dragonfly Bridge or Meadow Bridge.  And into the gardens you go!

Admission rates for the conservatories are as follows:

  • Local Resident Rate – One Conservatory
    Adults: SGD12
    Senior Citizens (>60 years old): SGD8
    Children (3-12 years old): SGD8
  • Local Resident Rate – Two Conservatories
    Adults: SGD20
    Senior Citizens (>60 years old): SGD15
    Children (3-12 years old): SGD12
  • Standard Rate – Two Conservatories
    Adults: SGD28
    Children (3-12 years old): SGD15

Access to the rest of the areas is pretty much free (OCBC Skyway has a fee of SGD5, I believe). The conservatories are generally open daily, from 9 am – 9 pm, and last admission is 8:30 pm.  You can get your tickets online to save time queueing, too.

Nature Photography Challenge, Day 4


Seeing gardens of flowers is a refreshing sight for me because since moving out of UP and getting into an office-based job, all I see everywhere are buildings, traffic and sidewalk peddlers–which is why I relish visiting gardens when I can, be it indoor or outdoor.  Here are some of my favorite flower pictures: