Kimono Ken, a Review

It’s been a gruelling but rewarding week so I thought of treating myself to some of my good old favorites from Kimono Ken.

Kimono Ken is a chain of Japanese fusion restaurants that’s been around for about a decade.  It may be homegrown here in the Philippines but they certainly deliver.  (Restaurants in Little Tokyo are on another level, though.)

It’s a little heavy on the pocket, but the price is comparable to how food costs in Japan.  Taste-wise, the flavors are definitely there.  So for today’s snapshot of their offerings:

Service is efficient and the staff are cordial.  I don’t eat out as much as I used to anymore, but Kimono Ken will stay as one of my favorite go-to restaurants if I want a treat.  If you like Japanese food and haven’t gone to any of their branches, do give it a try!

Costa Coffee, a Review

Costa Coffee is a UK-based coffee chain, and just this week, they’ve opened their sixth store in the Philippines at SM North EDSA.  And when it comes to commercial coffee, I’m more of I’ll try stuff at least once so I gave Costa Coffee a shot.

The ambiance including music was cozy, and the price is comparable to Seattle’s Best or Starbucks (the cake slice cost PhP 150 or just under USD4; the 12-oz coffee at PhP 130 or around USD 3.5).  One thing that probably needs working on though is for the crew to be a little friendlier.  Not Starbucks-levels perky; maybe just a few smiles and short greetings will do.  That would make the place even more inviting. But overall, I think Costa Coffee is a good place to hang out and enjoy coffee with family, friends or your significant other.

Kumori Bakery, Part 3

And the Kumori saga continues.

So the other day, I was badly craving for turon but by the time I went to the stall, they just have three kamote cue sticks left.  No more turon. To relieve my frustration, I then headed to Kumori to try the pastries I haven’t had yet.

I bought three totally different pastries:  their signature hanjuku cheese cake (chocolate); green apple bun, and cherry brioche.  Total damage is PhP 141, or about 3 – 4 USD.  Let’s not talk about the calories and all the sugar though, ok 😉

So that’s three down, and plenty more to try and enjoy~



Home Cooking: Hainanese Chicken Rice

I love food (then again, who doesn’t?) 😛 now as for cooking, it’s probably my favorite household chore because more than anything, it strangely calms me down and I know I’m gonna enjoy the fruits of my labor… well usually! Haha!

So why am I writing about home-cooked food, you may ask?  Well it’s my take on a Singaporean classic, for one and I do miss Singaporean cuisine!

I saw a short video of this recipe on Facebook and knew that I have to take my own shot at it.  Mine is much simpler though because I ran out of oyster sauce and soy sauce.  But at least I have my homemade chili oil :3

The recipe’s pretty simple; just flavor the rice and water, give it a stir, put the chicken slices and green onion stalks on top, and start cooking the rice.


The ingredients I used are

  • skinless chicken breast fillets
  • green onion stalks
  • salt
  • thinly sliced ginger
  • chicken cube
  • rice
  • water
  • homemade chili oil

Then I drizzled chili oil on top of the chicken and sprinkled freshly cut spring onions.  I like how it turned out!

It’s time and energy-saving too since I get to cook my rice and dish in one pot at the same time.

Do you have similar recipes that you like to make or to try out? 🙂

Kumori Bakery, Part 2

I’ve been craving for sweets again (but then again, it’s maybe more of a habit rather than a craving! haha!) and besides, it’s that time of the year when we corporate slaves get our midyear bonus, so why not give ourselves a treat?

Mine came in two, and these cost me just a little over PhP 200 combined. Continue reading “Kumori Bakery, Part 2”

Kumori Japanese Bakery: a Review

First things first:  why the gloomy name? 😐 (“kumori” means cloudy, that’s why.) But now that I got that out of the way, I’ll go ahead and with the star of this entry:  the pastries :3

In a quest to appease my sweet tooth, I scouted the newly opened restaurants at The Block after finishing today’s groceries.  Kumori kind of reminded me of Jipan, so I went in and checked out the pastries.  I stayed away from their salmon bonito pastry; I believe salmon is better paired with rice; and while their green apple pasty looked pretty, I turned my attention to their shelf with cheesecakes, pudding and most importantly, cake.

I ended up with three items to go: their signature Hanjuku Cheesecake; Choco Marshmallow Yakigashi; and Sakusaku Chocolate Cake.

In terms of portion, I’d say it’s filling enough for me; price, reasonable, and the taste, a big hit for the cheese cake.  So when craving for not-so-sweet sweets, Kumori is one bakeshop worth checking out.