Hi there!

I haven’t been able to post as often as I want to these past few weeks because my laptop kept acting up.  Stubborn me refused to go to the repair shop though I was already starting to warm up to the idea that I needed to format my hard disk soon.

Still, I tinkered as far as I can, so every other day or so I’d run chkdsk c:/r.  Then just this weekend, a techie friend of mine made the switch to Windows 10, so I thought I’d give in to Microsoft’s pesky free upgrade reminder and get it over with.  So now my laptop’s into its third day of running under Windows 10.

After writing down the pictures’ captions, I realized that Windows 10 almost has a feel of Android OS sometimes.  At first, I had apprehensions too at how Windows 10 might be, but my laptop’s been actually performing faster than when I was still using Windows 7.  More importantly, the upgrade seemed to have fixed my laptop somehow.

Stuff I don’t like as much–the audio is a little lower in volume now, and continually pressing F8 doesn’t get you to the boot screen/ repair menu anymore.  I also can’t access some sites in https when I’m using Firefox.

Despite these minor inconveniences though, I’d say it was worth upgrading to Windows 10.   Now let’s hope I don’t jinx it!

And since we’re on the topic of windows, let’s switch gears and talk about windows (窓). When designed right, windows can become a spectacular view in themselves.  I want to share with you some shots of windows which I find interesting:


So there.  I hope you found the Windows 10 review helpful and that you enjoyed the mini-windows gallery.  またね!