Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror


Some of my favorite photos in Cambodia are reflections in the water like this. This lake is in front of Angkor Wat and seems to be a relaxing spot for monks, visitors and photographers alike.

For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

Painting a Picture


Angkor Wat is such a sight to behold, and there’s so much to explore within its ruins.

This is one of my favorite shots from our 2014 trip.  I actually want a pic of me framed in one of the many windows in the ruins (haha! ok not really!) but this makes a much more interesting subject^^

The Temples of Angkor

Rewatching the Indiana Jones movies with my boyfriend made me miss Angkor, so I thought of digging up some pics and here’s another blog entry.

The weather at Angkor was cool and dry on the day of temple-hopping.  Our first stop was Angkor Wat, the most famous temple complex in the area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  One unique feature about it is it started out as a Hindu temple in the 1300s and Buddhist influence crept in centuries later.  A symbol of Cambodia, Angkor Wat is absolutely breathtaking!

We went to Angkor Thom and Bayon Temple next.

These temples have been subject to harsh weather, wars and at times unruly tourists (we saw at least three going beyond the set barriers just to take pictures…), but through conservation efforts, we can see these temples a little longer to remind us of the rich culture and history of this part of Asia.