Where to Stay in Osaka – Recommendations

I’ve always booked hotels through Agoda, and out of maybe 10 stays, I was just happy with two of them.  Wasn’t really lucky with room assignments!

When I was preparing for my Japan trip, I had this mindset that finding reasonably priced hotel accommodations would be extra-challenging.  Aside from that, I wanted to stay in a Japanese-style room (yeah, I could have tried looking for a ryokan, but my budget wouldn’t be able to handle it ^^; ).

So that’s how I ended up signing for Airbnb.  Found a Japanese-style private room which the host promises to be in a convenient location–and convenient it is! True enough, it’s just a 5-min walk from Sakai Station, and 10 mins away from Namba.  Plus the host, Asami, and her family were really nice 🙂

The room costs about USD35 per night; compare that the hotel room I rented for my first night in Japan which cost USD92! (Though the hotel room was a good deal too; got a free upgrade and was assigned a corner room.)

So here are a couple of pics of the room I stayed in:

Interested?  Check out the room details here.  And if you haven’t signed up yet with Airbnb but would like to, click this link to get free travel credit 🙂


As for the hotel I stayed in, it’s Star Gate Hotel Kansai Airport.  I had to stay here for a night because I arrived in Osaka in the evening.

Yes, the geek in me got drawn to it mostly because of its name 😛 but other than that, the terms were reasonable; you reserve online and pay in cash on the day that you arrive.  There’s a free shuttle going to the airport; it boasts a view of Osaka Bay, and it’s located right across a popular shopping outlet, Rinku Town.  I don’t have pics of my room itself, but what I do have are what my view was:

So there, two options for you to consider when stopping by Osaka, and certainly are highly recommended accommodations 🙂