Journey to the Midwest: Out of an Exodus and Into a New Season

Hi there! I’ve finally found time to write.

The middle of the year has been a whirlwind for me. My grand vacation/futile job hunt finally came to an end, but that required me to haul myself out of our family’s nest and move to the other side of the country.  It was exciting, stressful, lonely and draining all at once. My last three nights in California were literally sleepless.

I almost backed out because I had no one to drive with me, but at the right timing, my dad offered to take me there and unprepared I was, off we went.

Here’s our journey in pictures.


The trip was very meaningful for me for a lot of reasons: it’s a dad-and me quality time; my dad got to travel and see the rest of the US which he always wanted; and before he went back home, he left me with quiet but sure confidence that I’ll be able to handle myself. It felt appropriate that he was the one who brought me here to the US, and he was the one who brought me to my new place.

Almost two months in, I’ve come to handle homesickness better and grow ever more  grateful by the day for this season God put me in.

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