Chasing the Sunset Yet Again

Point Mugu Sunset by Lea

We almost didn’t make it, but my brother was determined to get there in time. We braved the frigid breeze and I tried my best to steady my hand to take shots. This is definitely one of my favorite sunset shots even if the sun itself is no longer really visible.

For the weekly photo challenge, Rise/ Set.


San Diego Cherry Blossom Festival

No, I didn’t mess up my geography, and yes, cherry blossoms can bloom at this part of the world^^

We were able to catch this year’s cherry blossom festival which ran from March 9 – 11. I did a bit of reading and was surprised that this year actually marks its 13th run.  The rain didn’t dampen our spirits at all. Here are some of the pictures:

Hope to be back next year and see the tea ceremony demonstration and other performances.

Tokyo Spring Day 4

Day 4 of our 7day trip was a return to Disney Resort, but this time, at Disneysea. I was really looking forward to it because I’ve heard how better Disneysea was and all. And for me, Disneysea isn’t overrated at all.

Instead of a castle, Disneysea has a volcano at the center of the park, and it “erupts” at scheduled times. Be sure to hang around long enough to catch one. There were several people too who camped around the lake to save a good spot for the parade.

If you’re not after any of the rides, a good whole day is enough to enjoy the sights and sounds of the park.

Tokyo Spring Day 3

he third day of our weeklong trip didn’t feel like I thought spring was supposed to be. It was rainy and really windy. It wouldn’t stop us though from taking on Disneyland.

Getting lost in Tokyo Sky Tree almost did though, tbh. I just couldn’t find where the bus stop was. Eventually we did and on to Disneyland we went.

We stayed at the souvenir shop near the entrance while waiting for the bus. The trip would take us back to Tokyo Sky Tree, and dinner was at a Mosburger we saw down the road.


We saved time by buying entrance tickets online. You can buy about two months before your intended schedule. As for transportation, the buses going to and from Tokyo Sky Tree were really convenient and not crowded at all.

Day 4 would be another trip to the resort, this time at Disney Sea.

Tokyo Spring Day 2

So, Day 1 is a quick stop at Ueno Park; in the second day of our week-long trip, we went to Tsukiji Fish Market, Imperial Palace gardens, and had dinner at Akihabara.

We got to the fish market shortly before lunch. We did have lunch and coffee, but no, we did not have sushi. I failed to find the line of stalls selling sweets, too. Of course, Tsukiji Fish Market does smell like fish (duh!), but it’s still a lot cleaner than how I remember the wet markets we used to frequent when I was a kid.


Next stop is the Imperial Palace gardens. Whatever we had at Tsukiji we definitely burned on the way haha. Good thing we had a bag of strawberries to keep us fueled.


Our final stop was somewhere in Akihabara to meet our former officemates who also happened to be around the area. No pictures here because we were too hungry and we kinda looked haggard^^;


There was a lot of walking on this day but experiencing the places and feasting on the sights and sounds made all the walking worth it. Onwards to Day 3!