I didn’t see it coming.

I was all set for my trip to Kyushu when cough and fever struck me on the very same weekend of my flight.  I’m not really the sickly type, but I was literally bedridden from Saturday to Sunday (and Sunday was supposed to be my flight).  I was so sick I couldn’t even stay awake for 10 minutes straight that I can’t imagine myself making it to the airport.

I feel bad because I’ve been looking forward to this trip for almost a year now; it would have been my first time to ride bullet trains; it would have been my first time to Kyushu.

So I’m confined to my home, focusing on recovering, and by God’s grace, recovering pretty well.  Awful as I still feel, I realized these lessons from this experience:

  1. Cancellation options do matter.  I lost a total of ~500 USD–unused national JR pass, Airbnb accommodation and RT airfare–and neither of them were transferable nor subject to cancellation.   Ah, the airfare was especially a deal, just around 80 usd for the MNL-FUK RT, but I was never able to experience it.  The place I booked is hosted by a superhost and based from a guest’s review is just across Canal City.  I booked my national JR pass from Klook and the transaction was a good experience.  Not perfect though because I wasn’t able to enjoy them nor at least get a refund.
  2. Health IS wealth.  Yes I feel bad for the money I practically wasted and feel even worse for the botched trip, but if I didn’t put my health into consideration, I would have ended up in worse shape.  To be honest, it’s a bit traumatizing, but the best thing to do really is to be extra careful and take care of my health, and be less stingy with medicine.  And finally,
  3. There’s always a bright side to everything.  I have tons of personal errands to take care of so that’s what I chose to focus on in my sudden free time.  The host I contacted is extra nice and offered me a special rate the next time I book his place.  I learned that Klook is a nice service to avail.  I also had more time to talk to my family during the week off.

I honestly don’t know when I can plan a trip again or I’ll have the time to go to Kyushu, but I’m wiser for sure this time.