The Calm of Osaka Bay

It’s not the first time you’ll hear me say this–or rather read about it in a blog post of mine–I love high places.  You get a bigger picture, it gives you a broader perspective of the landscape, and it’s an escape from the noise that’s on the ground.  Gazing at the view from said perspective both frees and quiets my mind.

When I was looking for my own place, I made sure that the unit I bought had a nice city view.  That way, when I need to clear my head, I’d just gaze at the window.  I’ve certainly enjoyed the fireworks every New Year’s Eve for the last three or four years!  Unfortunately though, my city view is now partially covered with another building, and soon, in place of skylines, I’ll be having an uncomfortable view of neighbors… :/

Now I can’t really do anything about it anymore, so the next best thing when  I don’t have any travel yet would be to revisit pictures.  I found these shots of Osaka Bay very calming, especially now.  I’m loading the pics in full quality so you can enjoy them as much as I do 🙂


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