Discovering Doutonbori

Dancing crab. Glico Man. Takoyaki.

These popular symbols of Osaka can be found in one place–Doutonbori!  Of course, this lively section of Namba has so much more to offer.  When dropping by Osaka, Doutonbori is definitely a stop you need to take.

I would like to say that it’s very easy to find–it’s just a short walk from Midosuji Line’s exit 14 in Namba–but Namba Station is HUGE.  And take a wrong turn, and you’ll end up in another part of the district.  There’s that, and from what I remember, there are no signs pointing to Doutonbori after you’ve gone out of the exit.

My plan for strolling around Doutonbori kept getting put off in my first few nights in Japan (because see above), but I made sure that I find it in my last night.  I kept going around in circles again, turned at some streets until I finally came across Glico Man.  GOAL!!!

“achievement unlocked!”

Now that I’m finally in the right place.  there are two more things to do: eat and shop.  Was I able to do both?  Unfortunately not because of Mosburger.  I’ll talk about it more in another entry because my trip to Doutonbori is the cap to a very long day (Arashiyama-Bamboo Forest-Kinkakuji-Doutonbori).

Going back, well Doutonbori food is not a totally lost cause because I had a cup of coffee in one of the cafes there.  After getting my caffeine fix, I started walking around to take in the lively night life:

If there’s a word of wisdom I can cap my Doutonbori experience with, it would be this: friend, COME HUNGRY.


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