The Two SMs

Here’s SM North EDSA.  A mall of the masses, one of the biggest in Asia, a link in the most pervasive mall chain in the Philippines. A nightmare to tread during payday weekends; perfect to stroll in just short of midnight during the Christmas holidays.  Quite distinctive on the outside, but the inside is pretty much similar to the rest of the malls of its stature.  A transport hub for commuters to the north and to different parts of Metro Manila; a slow killer of small-scale, homegrown stores.


Then there’s Sierra Madre mountain range, or at least a portion of it.  Traversing throughout mainland Luzon, a shield that staves off typhoons and holds off floods; home of water basins and beautiful landscapes; a looming testament of the Philippines’ active fault lines.  This portion of the range is mystical on cool and clear mornings, and on a cloudless day, the shades of brown and blue provide relief from the stresses of technology.


Here’s the vantage point where you can see both, and so much more…. traffic jam.  And that eyesore of a billboard. But hey, I like kopiko!



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