Sightseeing in Singapore: Marina Bay

One of the things I love about Singapore is how walkable the streets are, and for a state so progressive and modern, they do have a significant amount of carefully planned space that people can enjoy.

Marina Bay is one such place.  It’s surrounded by a commercial  and business districts; museums and plenty of open space and just enough greens.  And Marina Bay is more than a showcase; it’s a symbol of Singapore’s history and progress.

In my second most impromptu trip ever in 2014, I walked around National Botanic Gardens at high noon, stopped by the hotel to rest for about an hour, headed to Gardens by the Bay and finally walked around Marina Bay.  I’ll write about the gardens on separate posts (and a dedicated one on the Botanic Gardens, as requested by my boyfriend^^).

But for now, here are some highlights of my stop at the bay:


4 thoughts on “Sightseeing in Singapore: Marina Bay

    1. Thank you! I miss it, too!

      Singapore is one of my favorite places; in a way, it’s something I’d like to see the Philippines turn into hopefully in the near future ^-^


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