Home Cooking: Hainanese Chicken Rice

I love food (then again, who doesn’t?) 😛 now as for cooking, it’s probably my favorite household chore because more than anything, it strangely calms me down and I know I’m gonna enjoy the fruits of my labor… well usually! Haha!

So why am I writing about home-cooked food, you may ask?  Well it’s my take on a Singaporean classic, for one and I do miss Singaporean cuisine!

I saw a short video of this recipe on Facebook and knew that I have to take my own shot at it.  Mine is much simpler though because I ran out of oyster sauce and soy sauce.  But at least I have my homemade chili oil :3

The recipe’s pretty simple; just flavor the rice and water, give it a stir, put the chicken slices and green onion stalks on top, and start cooking the rice.


The ingredients I used are

  • skinless chicken breast fillets
  • green onion stalks
  • salt
  • thinly sliced ginger
  • chicken cube
  • rice
  • water
  • homemade chili oil

Then I drizzled chili oil on top of the chicken and sprinkled freshly cut spring onions.  I like how it turned out!

It’s time and energy-saving too since I get to cook my rice and dish in one pot at the same time.

Do you have similar recipes that you like to make or to try out? 🙂


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