Vibrant Singapore Chinatown

About three years ago, I didn’t really have any plans of traveling so soon after my KL trip with friends.  That was until finding out that SID would be playing at HP Music Matters JRock Night. Fangirl mode triggered, I figured I still had juuuust enough money to go but I’ll be on a tight budget.  So I thought of staying in a scenic part of SG which at the same time would be close to Clarke Quay (because I don’t think I could afford staying at Clarke Quay >_< )

And so that’s how I ended up staying at Chinatown.  I booked a standard room at Santa Grand Hotel Lai Chun Yuen.  It’s a restored Chinese Opera House-turned-hotel, and location-wise, it’s at a sweet spot.

The hotel staff were friendly and helpful, but I didn’t like my room assignment at all.  I was situated at the ground floor at the corner near a fire exit.  And I saw a small rat in my room too 😦 The lounge and other floors seem impressive, but I don’t think I’d go back to this hotel anymore.

Enough of the hotel.  Here are glimpses of Chinatown, both from exploring and unintentionally getting lost:


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