Kumori Bakery, Part 2

I’ve been craving for sweets again (but then again, it’s maybe more of a habit rather than a craving! haha!) and besides, it’s that time of the year when we corporate slaves get our midyear bonus, so why not give ourselves a treat?

Mine came in two, and these cost me just a little over PhP 200 combined.

I first tried Kumori’s Toyohashi Chocolate Pudding.  The pretty packaging already makes it appetizing :3

 My verdict? Definitely a must-try.  It’s really creamy, almost like mousse; and it tastes like Magnolia Chocolait!  There’s a hint of coconut taste too when you get close to finishing the whole cup.

And then I saved the Caramel Mini Crunch cake for afternoon coffee.  My boyfriend said it looks like half an egg! Hahaha!

Surprisingly, it’s not too sweet, and there’s just a slight hint of caramel.  What I do love most about this cake though is its textures–from the frothy icing, to the silky caramel syrup, to the custard filling and cookie butter-like crust.  At PhP115, it’s perfect for sharing and enjoying over a cup of coffee.

So there.  Cravings yet again sated.  There’s more to come though, but there’s more to try out in this bakery, too (and the other cafes at SM North).


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