Kumori Japanese Bakery: a Review

First things first:  why the gloomy name? 😐 (“kumori” means cloudy, that’s why.) But now that I got that out of the way, I’ll go ahead and with the star of this entry:  the pastries :3

In a quest to appease my sweet tooth, I scouted the newly opened restaurants at The Block after finishing today’s groceries.  Kumori kind of reminded me of Jipan, so I went in and checked out the pastries.  I stayed away from their salmon bonito pastry; I believe salmon is better paired with rice; and while their green apple pasty looked pretty, I turned my attention to their shelf with cheesecakes, pudding and most importantly, cake.

I ended up with three items to go: their signature Hanjuku Cheesecake; Choco Marshmallow Yakigashi; and Sakusaku Chocolate Cake.

In terms of portion, I’d say it’s filling enough for me; price, reasonable, and the taste, a big hit for the cheese cake.  So when craving for not-so-sweet sweets, Kumori is one bakeshop worth checking out.


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