Nature Photography Challenge, Day 1

A friend nominated me to work on this challenge and I thought it would be a good idea to post the pics here as well.  It’s one of those few challenges I wouldn’t mind taking a part of.

So for Day 1, I chose to start with UP Diliman.  It’s one of those rare places in the metro that will welcome you with lines of trees, winds a couple of degrees cooler than in the concrete jungles, and where roads are made for walking.  UP is special to me because it’s been my home for several years.

These pictures were taken on off days, although it can get very lively on a fine Sunday or any busy school day.  At the top left is a portion of the academic oval, lined by sturdy acacia trees; below it is the amphitheater were university graduations are held, and the annual lantern parade makes its final stop.  Top right is a little-known path near the lagoon–a wild but scenic area popular for group studies, cosplays or group cosplays.

Bottom right is a shot of the newly-renovated Carillon, UP’s bell tower, that plays the school hymn at 5 pm.  The Carillon is one of UP’s many iconic landmarks (and you might be looking for a shot of the oblation, which I never took of yet for some reason^^;)

Last but not the least, a portion of the University Avenue lined up by sunflowers.  Since this pic was taken late afternoon, the sunflowers look like they’re about to take a nap.  Sorry about that!

There are sunflowers planted every year, timed such that they bloom fully when the students graduate from their colleges or universities in April.  Now that the school calendar’s been changed though, I wonder if they’ll still keep this tradition.

Those mere five pictures are not enough to capture the experience of staying in UP, but they’re just five of the many wonderful moments in this place.


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